Shagov aesthetic medicine

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Shagov aesthetic medicine

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Were you provided with any honoraria, payment or other compensation for your work on this study? Do you have any financial relationship with any entity which may closely compete with the medications, materials or instruments covered by your study? Do you own or have you applied for any patents in conjunction with the instruments, medications or materials discussed in your study?

This work was not supported by any direct or non direct funding. It is under the author's own responsability. Processing, please wait Go to previous session. Go to next session. Digital communication.

Other author s :. No Were you provided with any honoraria, payment or other compensation for your work on this study? No Do you have any financial relationship with any entity which may closely compete with the medications, materials or instruments covered by your study? No Do you own or have you applied for any patents in conjunction with the instruments, medications or materials discussed in your study? No This work was not supported by any direct or non direct funding.

You have a question? Quickly find your answer in our FAQ. Keep me logged in. Forgot password? Do not have an account yet? Sign up now. Keep me logged in Login. Marketing and management in aesthetic medicine - fundamentals.

shagov aesthetic medicine

How to create a chain of medical aesthetic brands. How to build a successful chain of aesthetic clinics in South Korea.Search for a course:. Generic selectors. Exact matches only. Search in title. Search in content. Search in excerpt. Search in posts. Search in pages. Recent News. Unlimited Access. Giuseppe Cicero.

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Advances in Hard and Soft Tissue Augmentation in the Aesthetic Zone Learn from one of the best in the industry… Contemporary patient expectations have made esthetics a major requisite of all treatment plans, especially in situations where there is a high But with great power come great Carlos Trujillo.

Sid Solomon. Edward McLaren. Dental Photography This comprehensive online program is designed to teach dental professionals about dental photography, portrait photography and shade analysis photography. Anterior Veneer Preparations for Porcelain and Glass Ceramics This comprehensive online program is a discussion of the clinical decision making process for choosing ceramic materials for anterior bonded restorations.

The step-by-step online program demonstrates the different types of This step-by-step online program demonstrates the process of how to a create Each participant will have the opportunity to learn and Each participant will have the opportunity to Topics include how to use layering, masking, liquify tool, warp Nabil Fakih.

An OPG gives a panoramic view of the mouth, giving information on the teeth and Kareem Assassa. Introduction to Business of Aesthetics Upon registration, attendees will be granted access to the online learning management system and enrolled in the Introduction to Business of Aesthetics Online Program. This 1-hour online program introduces physicians, Maurizio Ceccarelli.

Certified Program in Face Regeneration Italiano La medicina rigenerativa consente un reale ringiovanimento dei tessuti del volto.Unique innovative technology of skin renovation by its very own key cells fibroblasts.

Skin consists of three layers — epidermis protective layerderma skin itselfand hypoderm under skin fat cells, which serve as amortizing mechanism.

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Fibroblasts in particular are responsible for synthesizing of new collagen and elastic fiber, own hyaluronic acid and a whole lot of growth factors, which grant health and good look of our skin. Unfortunately, while aging, the amount of fibroblasts is reducing, volume of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, peptides, growth factor production decreases, which results in skin degradation in terms of tone and elasticity, wrinkle development and other signs of aging: dry skin, pigment spots, skin neoplasms, including cancer.

shagov aesthetic medicine

There is a simple idea behind the method of skin renovation by its own fibroblasts — in order to make skin younger and slow its aging process we need to keep the amount of fibroblasts on a specific level typical for young skin. Colossal clinical experience — 15 years of work in the field of cells cultivation, which allows to develop the best injection protocol. Correspondence to standards Technology, which received a certificate of perhaps the most strict commission on medicine safety and effectiveness — FDA USA.

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Cultivation and injection of a high amount of cell material cellswhich guarantees optimal clinical results. Option which allows monitoring security of laboratory processes, availability of cell material passport.


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And More:. Kleonika skin renovation steps. Activation of injected cells, stimulation of their functionality inside the skin by using innovative technologies — RF-lifting and IPL-therapy which lead to production of new collagen and elastic tissue, hyaluronic acid, etc. Fundamental experience. Constant qualification improvement in certified clinics and laboratories in Europe. Correspondence to standards.

Proved effectiveness. More than successful cases of cell renovation in Ukraine.

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Aleksandra Prisyazhniuk. I heartily thank the whole team of specialists, it is really efficient and effective anti-age method! Yana Sarapiychuk. For the first time in quite a while I felt young and beautiful! Consultations are understandable, procedures are professional, and result is unbelievable! Recommend it to everyone! The preservation of fibroblasts is a new service in Shagov Aesthetic Medicine.

We enjoy today's day, adolescence, beautiful reflection in the mirror, driving away the thoughts of this, how it seems, far future. But the future is much closer than it seems, time comes by quickly. And this means that it is possible and even necessary to make some correct decisions today. Most of all, appearance of our skin in a few decades depends on the lifestyle we have now, and partly on heredity, but thanks to modern biotechnologies we can apply a cheat mode on time.

We are talking about preserving the main skin cells — autologous fibroblasts, which are responsible for skin youth now.By diversifying your practice you will meet the rising patient demand for aesthetic procedures in Australia, retain existing patients and attract new ones while offering a reliable, non-Medicare-based revenue stream for your practice. This short course provides GPs with an introduction to aesthetic procedures in your general or skin cancer practice.

The video lectures are based on Australia's only university quality-assured Professional Diploma Program in Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr. Yevgeny Shagov from Ukraine is surprised with Health Center 4 impressive range of technologies

Dr Jenny Kimmins spent many years in general practice before developing an interest in management and treatment of skin conditions.

She is a lecturer and trainer in aesthetic medicine and injectable cosmetic treatments.

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Dr Kimmins completed a postgraduate Diploma in Dermatology with the Australian Institute of Dermatology and is a trained skin cancer physician with a special interest in sun-damaged skin. The free course does not teach any procedures and further training is recommended after completion of this introductory online course. The course is delivered online in short video lectures. Subscribe to newsletter.Co-founder of the largest international professional narrow-profile community Aesthetic Consilium.

Speaker, moderator and organizer a number of international congresses. Processing, please wait Skin tightening - perspectives in Europe.

Botulinum toxin therapy: zone correction vs full face approach. Rosacea - New opportunities in the treatment of the old problem. Biotechnology: future of trichology. The best strategy for correcting age-related changes in the deformation morphotype.

Dermato-oncology in aesthetic medicine. Skin tightening - European perspective. Biotechnology in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine.

Comparative analysis of the clinical efficacy of fractional laser and fractional invasive RF. Rosacea: a well-known problem - new approaches to the therapy.

Innovations in aesthetic medicine: skin rejuvenation with the use of ASCs. Hyperpigmentation after using different laser devices: treatment and prevention. The newest possibilities of the therapeutic effect on adipose tissue to correct the jawline. Gender features botulinum-therapy for the lower face.

Rosacea: a well-known problem - New approaches to therapy. Unlimited capabilities for professional interaction in the Internet space. Preventing complications of botulinum therapy: clinico-morphological correlations. Fundamentals in marketing and management. Gender features botulinum therapy in aesthetic correction among men.You deserve to look your best and most refreshed.

We offer a variety of the most advanced technology in a spacious, luxurious and soothing atmosphere. While receiving treatments, you can enjoy serene views of our lush landscape or even request to watch one of your favorite movies.

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Our attention to detail and minimally-invasive approach is designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. Smoother, radiant skin with a glowing complexion can change how you look and feel! Our medical-grade products, for both face and body, stimulate healing and work to protect your healthy skin.

From eye lash growth to medical-grade sun block, we recommend only the best for our patients. Whether you are looking for a dramatic head-to-toe transformation or want to take a proactive approach to keeping a youthful look, we are with you the entire way.

Our goal is for you to walk out of our medical spa looking and feeling confident, refreshed, and restored. Personalized Aesthetics. All Services. Aesthetic Services. Dermal Fillers Injectables. Top Shelf Signature Treatments.

Previous Next. Skin Care Products. View Products. Become a Better You. View Gallery.How did you find out about Health Center 4 and out clinics?

How did you decide to visit us? In Ukraine I run the clinic Shagov Aesthetic Medicine, we specialise in beauty tehnologies — injections of botulinum toxin and fillers, and we also perform skin rejuvenation procedures. Both Health Center 4 and Shagov Aesthetic Medicine are recognisable brands in their countries, therefore this meeting, common learning and exchange of experience reinforces positions of our clinics in the Baltic States.

How can you compare dermatology services in Ukraine, Latvia and Europe in general? We are especially specialised in Ukraine and are leaders in the field of beauty injections, but the Dermatology Clinic and Capital Clinic Riga surprised me — you are leaders in hardware technologies. I can say that you have the most significant and widest range of technologies and equipment I have ever seen in any of the post-Soviet countries.

Your achievements in phlebology are inspiring — the clinic offers a wide range of treatment techniques, and specialists can work applying different techniques and equipment. Each country has its own strengths, therefore I believe that if you combine them, you will get an opportunity to strengthen your positions and open up new opportunities in the market.

What is currently the most popular procedure in the aesthetic dermatology? Photoepilation is ranked third, and the procedures aimed at improving the skin condition — chemical peelings, abrasive peelings and skin photorejuvenation — are ranked 4th, 5th and 6th respectively.

shagov aesthetic medicine

Dermatologist Yevgeny Shapov has more than ten-year experience in the field of dermatology and aesthetic medicine; he specialised in application of a wide range of technologies laser, radiowaves, ultrasound technologiesinjection procedures and skin cancer treatment. The Ukrainian physician stayed in the Dermatology Clinic and Capital Clinic Riga for two days to take part in exchange of experience with the specialists — dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and phlebologists during practical trainings in masterclasses.

Clinics Contacts News, special offers. Riga and Latvia Partners Media publications. Riga office: Str.


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